Mr. T is taken captive by the apes and restrained in shackles.  He is stripped of his gold chains and is put on trial where Minister of Science Dr. Zaius interrogates Mr. T. on civil liberties in ape society.


Dr. Zaius orders an immediate frontal lobotomy on T.  However, sympathetic Chimpanzee scientists Zira and Cornelius arrange for T's escape.  They, along with Nova -  the mute human female, set out for the Forbidden Zone where Mr. T repairs his van and finally has time to relax and recuperate from his frantic day.

Dr. Zaius catches up with the group in order to recapture Mr. T.  Only Zaius didn't know that he was about to buy more trouble than he bargained for.  Mr. T puts the shackles on Zaius and uses the opportunity to question Dr. Zaius on his motives.



Knowing he can never return to Ape City, T takes Nova and sets out in his van for the far corners of the forbidden zone.


After driving for several hours, Mr. T stumbles upon the horrid truth behind this mysterious planet.  His worst nightmare emerges from the horizon and appears before his unbelieving eyes!

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